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Ridewell Releases RAR-260 25K Suspension with Ground-Clearance Style Trailing Arm

Date: 2010-05-13 07:00:00 pm

Ridewell is pleased to announce the release of a new family of RAR-260 suspensions: 25K capacity underslung with a ground-clearance style trailing arm. These suspensions are recommended for use with 17.5” wheel end equipment or when a customer wants reduced suspension travel (compared to a high-travel). The design is comparable to our existing RAR-240 series:

The following part numbers are now available for order:
2602205                6.0” mounting height
2602206                6.5” – 7.0” mounting height
2602208                8.0” – 9.0” mounting height

Ridewell manufactures suspensions for the truck, trailer, bus, and RV industries. The company supplies the North American community and many other countries worldwide.

For more information contact Ridewell Corporation, P.O. Box 4586, Springfield, MO 65808.
Phone: 800.641.4122, Fax: 417.833.4560, www.ridewellcorp.com