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Ridewell Introduces Viair Compressor

Date: 2011-06-14 07:00:00 pm

Ridewell is pleased to introduce a 1/4 hp, constant duty cycle, Viair compressor. This compressor replaces the 1/5 hp and 1/3 hp Tomas compressors. Rated from 158°F to -40°F, with a built-in auto reset thermal protection feature and a max working pressure of 150 PSI. The compressor comes with a braided leader hose, check valve (1/4 NPT), and remote mounting air filter.

Additionally, the pressure switch, relay, and wire harness in the compressor kits are now replaced with a single Viair pressure switch with relay unit, 90-120 PSI. The following table shows the two new compressor kits, a new kit for adding additional tanks to a compressor kit, the new compressor, and new pressure switch/relay unit.

Part Number       



Compressor w/ tank & HCV        


Compressor w/ tank assembly


Optional air tank kit


Air compressor 1/4  hp


Pressure Switch/Relay 90-120 PSI

Replacements for previous kits:
           1220003 replaced by 1220008
           1220021 replaced by 1220009
           1220031 replaced by 1220009 with 1220010

Ridewell manufactures suspensions for the truck, trailer, bus, and RV industries. The company supplies the North American community and many other countries worldwide.

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