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Ridewell Engineers Perform Road Tests in India

Date: 2011-08-02 07:00:00 pm

Ridewell has partnered with Indian spring manufacturer Jamna Auto Industries Ltd. to develop and implement an air-ride liftable self-steer axle for fitment on a leading Indian truck manufacturer.

In order to better understand the road conditions in India, a team of Ridewell test engineers recently traveled there to perform road testing on the vehicle fitted with Ridewell’s design. Instrumenting the vehicle with an array of sensors, the engineers were able to capture vehicle dynamic inputs on torture track proving grounds as well as on actual road conditions.

Data acquisition included vehicle and suspension accelerations, air spring pressures, axle displacements, strains, and GPS.  This data will be analyzed to determine the severity of Indian road conditions compared to roads in the USA. Fatigue life predictions will be calculated from this data to validate designs taken from proven USA products.  Data will also be used as input for further research and development of suspensions and components in Ridewell’s in-house rig testing program.

Ridewell manufactures suspensions for the truck, trailer, bus, and RV industries. The company supplies the North American community and many other countries worldwide.

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