Non-Steerable Auxiliary Axle Suspension

Compact, durable, and lightweight suspension.

Our compact design is flexible, and fits in tight spaces.

13,200 lb. capacity

RUL-245 Ride Height Chart
RUL-245 Suspension Travel

The RUL-245 is durable, with lightweight bushings and designed to be easily adjustable to various frame widths and ride heights. With an easy axle alignment system, and available axle integration, the RUL-245 is ideally suited for straight or drop axle applications.

• Lightweight, compact design fits tight spaces
• Fits ride heights 11″ to 20″
• 11″ total travel; up to 8″ of lift
• Axle alignment adjustment .5″ at each hanger
• Shear-Type Pivot Bolt
• Premium rubber bushing

On-Road, Construction