Ridewell Offers Factory Integrated Air Tank for RSS-233 Suspensions
Date: 2016-09-26 12:00:00 am
Springfield, MO – Ridewell Suspensions now offers a pre-plumbed, factory integrated air tank kit option for the self-steering RSS-233 8K, 10K, and 13K suspension systems. The integrated tank only requires a connection to the primary air supply, regulated air supply (30-120 psi), and service brake control line to complete vehicle installation.

The kit includes a 1300 cubic inch air tank and a pressure protection valve (PPV). A 30 amp relay for lift in reverse operation, pigtail and high flow Lift Axle Control Module (LACM) are included to remove the need for an air control kit enclosure.

RSS-233 10K Capacity

A pressure gauge, pressure regulator and hoses for primary air supply connections to complete vehicle installation can be purchased separately to be shipped with the suspension.

Ridewell manufactures suspensions for the truck, trailer, bus, and RV industries worldwide.

For more information, contact Ridewell Suspensions, P.O. Box 4586, Springfield, MO 65808. Phone: 800.641.4122; info@ridewellcorp.com, www.ridewellcorp.com

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