Ridewell Bus Suspension Adapted for Agricultural Equipment Application
Date: 2016-10-12 12:00:00 am
Ridewell Suspensions has made its first steps into the Agricultural Equipment Industry by adapting its lightweight bus suspension to an agriculture spray system for orchards. Working closely with the manufacturer, Ridewell replaced the steel spring suspension with an adaptation of the RAD-238 8K bus suspension.

Changing to an air ride suspension provided two key improvements to the enclosed cab, self-propelled sprayer system. The company could increase the sprayer tank capacity, to a 500 gallon maximum, while significantly increasing ride comfort. Unlike a steel spring suspension, the driver can adjust the air springs to compensate for the changing terrain and the weight loss as liquid levels decrease.

Ridewell also designed a heavy duty cross channel for the sprayer system to use in place of a supporting frame cross member, changing the attachment of the axle assembly to the suspension. Eliminating the frame cross member provided room to install the spray tank as well as the liquid and air system tubing for various boom configurations.

The suspension is designed for a 34” frame width. A non-dump version of the Extreme Air® Height Control Valve (HCV) allows the driver to adjust the chassis height and ride comfort during spraying operations.