Ridewell Adds Lightweight Bendix ADB22X-LT Disc Brake Compatability to Axle Line
Date: 2016-12-27 06:20:00 pm
Springfield, MO – Ridewell Suspensions has tested and approved the new, lighter Bendix® ADB22X™-LT disc brake for use with Ridewell 5” and 5.75” axles.

The Bendix® ADB22X™-LT features a 20,000-lb. brake rating and builds on the success of the ADB22X design. An extensive redesign makes it one of the lightest air disc brakes available.

Overall changes to the ADB shape delivers a weight savings of 20 lb. per axle. A new adjuster extends the pad life and reduces the risk of brake drag, extending service life and lowering maintenance cost and downtime.

The new BX276 disc brake pads feature 8% more wearable volume and up to 40% improvement in wear rate and meets the EPA’s 2021 Copper-Free Brake initiative.

The LT version of the ADB shares common replacement wear items and warranty coverage with Bendix® ADB22X™.

Bendix® ADB22x™-LT featured on Ridewell standard 5” axle

Ridewell manufactures suspensions for the truck, trailer, bus, and RV industries worldwide.

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