RCA-215 Ridewell Suspension


Non-Steerable Auxiliary Axle Suspension

Designed for the aftermarket installer.

Compact mounting envelope with 10.25″ of total travel.

22,500 lb. capacity

RCA-215 Suspension Travel Chart
RCA-215 Suspension Diagram

The RCA-215 is  designed for the aftermarket installer, with flexible features allowing for ease of installation with various configurations. Easily adjusts to various frame widths and ride heights. Easy axle alignment system and axle integration is available. A host of optional features include a disc brake option, pre-plumbed air tank, and shock kit.


• 10.25″ of total travel, up to 7″ of lift
• Durable and lightweight FiberTech™ bushing
• Secure axle alignment – .375″ at each hanger
• Accepts axle drop up to 8″
• Wide beam spacing reduces axle stresses
• Easily adjusts to various frame widths & ride heights
• Shear-Type Pivot Bolt
• Premium rubber bushing

On-Road, Construction